Welcome to the CARE Measure Website

The Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure is a person-centred process measure that was developed and researched at the Departments of General Practice in Glasgow University and Edinburgh University. The CARE Measure is a quick (only 10 questions), clear and easy to complete patient-completed questionnaire. It measures empathy in the context of the therapeutic relationship during a one-on-one consultation between a clinician and a patient. Originally developed and rigorously tested for use by GPs, it has since been successfully used by other medical staff, allied health professionals (AHPs) and nurses.

The way in which the CARE measure website works is changing. You no longer need to register on the site and enter your data online. Simply download the spreadsheet below and enter your data into that.

Five Steps to Creating Your CARE Measure Report

  1. Download the right CARE questionnaire for your patients, print multiple copies and ask your patients to complete one after a visit.
  2. Download the right spreadsheet for your role:
    • GP GP Doctors
    • Doctor Other Doctors: Surgical, Medical, Anaesthetics, Psychiatrist
    • AHP Allied Health Professionals
    • Nurse Nurses
  3. Go to the sheet called Enter Your Data
  4. Enter each patient's responses on a new line in the spreadsheet
  5. When you have data from 25 or more patients entered, go to the sheet called Compare Your Score to see your results. You can print this page to paper or PDF. Do not edit this page yourself

Please email kms@cs.stir.ac.uk if you need help.